David Slatten is the Painter of Rhythms. Originally from Colorado, this Gulf Coast resident’s passion for art began in his early childhood when he and his mother would play drawing games together. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, David worked as an independent artist in Southern California. David never lost sight of his artistic roots as his career in public safety took him from firefighter-paramedic to national level emergency planning. He continued to express himself artistically as a web designer, graphic artist and even a professional airbrush artist….but something was missing.

David’s other passion is music. Since his early teens he has been an avid percussionist and has played with several bands in various venues over the years. There has never been a time in his life where he has not been able to turn to music for motivation. Feeling the desire to express himself in new and original ways, David began to experiment with how music and art could be fused together. As a professional musician David discovered that he was gifted with the ability to see and feel the rhythms. As an artist he is able to manifest these visions on canvas giving birth to what he calls rhythm-driven-art. This new facet of the color of music now serves as inspiration for David’s artwork. While immersed in sound the artist takes in each and every subtle nuance of rhythm and a visual representation of the music is created. David employs a wide variety of techniques all driven toward one goal of eliciting the rhythm and feel of the inspiration with every work. David discovered rhythm-driven-art but he says it discovered him. Without a doubt this fusion of music and paint completes him artistically.

David Slatten is the Painter of Rhythms — bringing you the visual representation of music on canvas. Each piece is 100% unique and non-replicable; one-of-a-kind and comes with a certificate of authenticity and the song that inspired it.